Microsoft Phone Companion

Platform that helps unify files across your desktop, phone, and tablet

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Microsoft Phone Companion syncs data across multiple devices, including computers and mobile devices. Unlike other solutions, this particular program is operating system agnostic and plays well with most operating systems. Users won't have to deal with frustrations related to incompatibility or restricted access. Most people own multiple devices today, and syncing data is a challenge that presents itself often. When it comes to multiple devices, only a handful of solutions perform better in data syncing.

Getting Started With The Microsoft Phone Companion

After launching Microsoft Phone Companion, the program walks users through the setup phase. This involves linking devices together, whether an individual owns multiple laptops, desktops, or mobile devices. Each device will be linked through the desktop program or the smartphone app. From there, the program takes care of the heavy lifting involved with data syncing. Most file types can be synced through the program, so users don't have to worry about manually modifying data across multiple devices.

How The Program Performs In Day to Day Use

Luckily, Microsoft Phone Companion works well in practice. The program rarely suffers from noticeable or major problems. Most users will enjoy how efficient the program is at syncing data across multiple devices and operating systems. Quite a few sync programs cause headaches because they fail to sync, or they bog down device resources. For the most part, this program avoids those issues and provides a pleasurable experience. Syncing doesn't have to be a hassle, and Microsoft Phone Companion proves as much.

Where Things Go Wrong With Microsoft Phone Companion

Then again, no program is perfect, and a lot can happen while syncing data. Microsoft Phone Companion won't erase data on accident or anything. The program may fail to sync between devices from time to time without explanation. On the other hand, some users may not like the overall user interface of the program because some bloat does exist. Microsoft created an incredible syncing platform, but it's far from perfect. Only hardcore Microsoft fans will consider this the best syncing solution on the market.

The Final Verdict On Microsoft Phone Companion

Microsoft Phone Companion performs admirably under most circumstances. The average user won't experience problems with any frequency. In the end, better syncing solutions are available, but they might be tied to a single operating system. Compatibility with most operating systems makes this solution preferable over higher quality options. Not everyone will need that kind of flexibility with their data syncing, though. With that in mind, Microsoft could improve the program in various ways to make it more appealing.

More efficient syncing with fewer sync errors in a nicer looking package would be a good start.


  • Works across multiple operating systems with ease.
  • Syncing platform is simple to use and lightweight.
  • The program works across a wireless connection.


  • The user interface could be less cluttered in certain areas.
  • Syncing is excellent when it works, frustrating when it fails.
  • Simple design may not appease power users.

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